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Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families

For more than 20 years, individuals, families and couples have turned to Maureen Kiely, LCSW-R (Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Psychotherapy Privilege), to provide diagnosis and counseling services covering a wide range of mental, emotional, behavioral, addictive, and developmental disorders and disabilities. Over two decades, she has counseled adults suffering from problems such as abuse, adjustment disorder, anxiety attacks and depression. She is licensed in New York State to evaluate problems, and develop and implement appropriate assessment-based treatment plans for individuals, couples and families.

Maureen Kiely brings her vast experience and an action-oriented approach to help her clients through relationships of mutual respect, acceptance and trust.

Family Counseling, Cortland, NY

Counselor Maureen Kiely, Cortland, NY, brings family members together to work through their problems, develop coping skills, better communicate with each other, curtail stress and anxiety, and improve family interactions. Her skills in family counseling have helped families throughout Cortland, NY, and surrounding communities resolve parent/child conflicts, adapt to family changes and strive toward a happier existence in the home.

Couples Counseling, Cortland, NY

For more than two decades, counselor Maureen Kiely, Cortland, NY, has provided couples counseling in a relaxed, professional setting. Couples counseling enables both partners to work out issues that are getting in the way of a healthy and happy relationship. Couples in Cortland, NY, have turned to the professional counseling services of Maureen Kiely for compassionate, caring, effective and individualized approaches to preserving relationships. Couples counseling involves careful listening, finding the causes of conflict, and discussing solutions that foster relationship growth and longevity.

Depression Counseling, Cortland, NY

Counselor Maureen Kiely, Cortland, NY, provides counseling and individualized treatment plans for adults who are suffering from depression. She takes an active approach to treatment. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy and other techniques, she works to help each individual reach their full potential by employing methods that are best suited to their mental health condition, lifestyle and needs. She has been helping clients of all ages in Cortland, NY, and the surrounding area through depression counseling for more than 20 years.

Anxiety Counseling, Cortland, NY

Anxiety disorders can be emotionally crippling for both adults. Those with anxiety problems suffer tremendously. Counselor Maureen Kiely, Cortland, NY, uses a variety of techniques and treatments to determine the nature of each patient’s anxiety and find the right, personalized treatment to help them overcome this issue. Her goal is to help her clients throughout the Cortland, NY, area enjoy the freedom of living again through professional anxiety counseling.

Family Relationships Counseling, Cortland, NY

Separation and divorce, remarriage, blended families, the death of a child or parent – all these occurrences can cause severe stress within even the most stable families. Counselor Maureen Kiely, Cortland, NY, provides family relationship counseling to both high-conflict families and families coping with difficult life changes. Her goal is to help families work together to strengthen their relationships, improve their communications, and have the tools and emotional strength to better resolve conflicts.

Interpersonal Relationships Counseling, Cortland, NY

For many people, developing relationships and interacting effectively and comfortably in social situations is a constant struggle. For more than 20 years, Counselor Maureen Kiely, Cortland, NY, has helped adults who suffer from a range of issues enhance their interpersonal skills at home, school, in the workplace, and in their daily lives. She works passionately to improve her patients’ interpersonal relationship skills so they can realize happier, more fulfilled lives. She provides Interpersonal Relationship Counseling for patients of all ages throughout the Cortland, NY, area.

Trauma Counseling, Cortland, NY

As a professional counselor, Maureen Kiely, Cortland, NY, helps individuals and families who are suffering the physical and emotional effects of traumatic events: anxiety and fear, feelings of hopelessness, self-blame, anger, shock, etc. Her vast experience, ability to listen, skill at developing customized treatment plans, and, most of all, compassionate approach have benefited trauma victims of all ages for more than 20 years throughout Cortland, NY and surrounding communities. Through personalized trauma counseling, she works hard to help each client set and reach individual goals and begin to once again live life to the fullest.


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